MNA, on international shipping services has begun its journey in 1983. Since its inception, a growing experience, region and the world increasingly recognize MNA, C-2 to the present mandate of transport services and global coverage of UND continues.

And own property, the backbone of the transport fleet of 40 trucks, as well as number 400 in the direction required by the project found the truck and truck rental and contract with the MNA, a ton of 100 000 tons, carries a wide range of transportation projects. MNA, 1 million tons in 2001, has undertaken to carry on. MNA vehicle fleet, to meet all transportation needs, from hanging garment trailers, refrigerated trailers to have a vast range of equipment.

Experienced staff and a strong fleet, as well as in Gaziantep 20 000 m2 and 15,000 m2 open area warehouses, in Iraq, transferring and storage areas around here that serves forklifts and cranes with the MNA, Istanbul, Mersin and Hatay in the permanent office and staff transportation issues each size requirements (urban and international transport, storage and parsiyer) was organized to be able to meet all aspects. 2002 spring as Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Nakhichevan, Georgia, Afghanistan and Iran transportation that are MNA, this region well known thanks to, take all the projects and work successfully is completed.